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Thanks to its excellent durability and range of benefits, cut and polished concrete flooring in Sri Lanka has become the go-to choice for commercial and residential property owners. The decorative concrete solution can be customized to suit the unique needs and desires of a client.

With many different colors and mixes available from various concrete suppliers. The concrete is then cut to get your desired exposer level and polished to a gloss level of your choice. Together we can achieve a stylish desirable floor. Polished concrete is ideal for homes, offices, showrooms, and factories. cut and polished concrete will meet all domestic, commercial, and industrial flooring needs.


You can select practically any specific color, design variations, or add aggregates or even unique objects into the concrete floor just before polishing. The light reflection on the surface area can be controlled by applying different levels of concrete floor polishing. Our polished concrete flooring is the most suitable solution for a contemporary, up-to-date overall look, perfect for an all-natural polished concrete appearance.
Areas that polished concrete floors can be used include retail outlets, art galleries, residential homes, and commercial buildings. Polished concrete floors are in demand simply because they are effortless to maintain. Polished concrete floors require periodic maintenance like other flooring solutions.
Still, the techniques used to clean these floors are the cheapest methods possible—moreover, these floors last longer, at least 20 years.


Despite being perceived as strong and durable, concrete is actually very susceptible to outside influences. Other than physical strains such as subsidence, root damage, or impact damage, Crack repairs are often the quickest and cheapest option for many businesses who want to retain the lifespan of their structures.

We are specialist concrete repair contractors solving problems for companies up and down the country in all market sectors.

Every repair contract we do is designed to preserve the life of your structures, ensuring that the safety of your buildings is kept to the highest standard.

Lifetime warranty

As a leading manufacturer of concrete cut and polish floors in Sri Lanka, we use the finest machinery and raw materials to construct your floor. We are giving you a lifetime warranty for all the floors we construct.




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